When the Wind Blows, Keep Steering to Find Your Course

When I swim in my failure and try to to reach for random moments of success like little life preservers they all seem few and far between and are hard to catch. When I default my mind to things are getting better than obstacles are things to dodge.

It’s Time to Let It Bother You

Most people get upset from time to time, often those who have ADHD are troubled a little more often. One of the most frequent pieces of advice is “don’t let it bother you.” The advice is well meaning. Some are able to push their troubles away easier than others. They can pretend that everything is …

The Beginnings, the Middles, and the Ends

I know it is generally a good idea to start a task and see it through, but that doesn’t always work for me. I get bored, or distracted by other thoughts and start to feel deflated. I may latch onto a thing that carries artificial importance, like progress in a game, or checking social media. What’s better is to find something that needs to be done and is different enough to provide a contrast and keep my interest.

All the Eggs, All the Baskets

There’s a whisper in my brain that I don’t always listen to, but I’m always glad when I do. The phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  When I first started freelancing, that meant, “Don’t always work in the same place.” So, I would check out a few different coffee shops, a couple …

Reclaiming Purposeful Anger and Finding Forgiveness

I have always been proud of being a sort of nonconformist. I never tried to be popular. I followed enough of the rules to be generally respectful, but do not allow others to change who I am. I am a control freak, but only as it applies to my own life. When my grandson was …