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Welcome! You’ve made it onto the website of Gretchen Lee Bourquin, freelance writer. I do content writing and write on Medium.com. I live in suburban Minnesota, and I have two adult children and one awesome grandson.

Me and My Writing

I write poetry and blog/essays about past and present triumphs and tribulations. In my effort to master my own mind, and help others do the same, I am currently focusing my professional work and blogs on women’s issues, including health issues, and mental health issues and ADHD in women. I would love to hear any insights my readers may have. I also dabble in poetry and fiction.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression issues, as well as ADHD with a big dose of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) on the side. RSD takes small and perceived rejection and blows it out of proportion, making it hard to bear. But I bear it nonetheless. I have a hard time for a while, and I’m mostly okay again.

I have been writing since I could spell, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Literature/Creative Writing from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN.

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