Whether you work for some big company, a small business, or for yourself as a creative freelancer it is imperitive that you are able to work in an environment that is suitable to your workstyle and addresses any physical or mental limitations you might have. I have been working as mostly a content writer for the past several years, and as a result things like personal blogs and other more personal and creative pursuits have fallen by the wayside. For me, this creates somewhat of an identity crisis and a spiral of guilt for not being enough myself. This may make perfect sense to some and may sound like mishmash to others. It is what it is.

What is Workspace?

If you do a bit of surface research on workspace you may find advise on how to set up your desk or achieving an ideal climate in the spot that you do most of your work. Some will suggest ways to fen-shoo ( yes, I know I spelt it wrong;)) your space. But workspaces can vary a lot. For me, the more they vary the better.

A Nomadic Workspace

Personally, I like to go nomadic. Sometimes working at home at odd hours when the house is quiet is best. I might want to be at a desk or table, but I might want to curl up in a big chair or on a couch. An hour or two into the process, I may need to go into another room or hop on the bus and switch from a coffee shop to a library or vice versa. At the moment I am laying on my stomach and blogging on my phone while my laptop is on the other side of the room charging. If I open it, it will tell me what I “have to” do.

Deep down I know that what I need to do is listen to and follow more of my creative whims and work in the right space on the kind of work that fulfills rather than drains…. Although sometimes a little balancing of the two is in order.

Maintaining Order

Many need organization and consistency in their workspace. They need to walk into the same office and follow the same procedures each day. When I am working with others, this is my preference. I like having the tools I need for my job with as few as possible wrenches thrown in for bad measure. Some may need a rigid structure for their freelancing. If that’s you, learn to demand it. Don’t apologize.

Beyond the Physical

Workspace also is more than a physical location. It is a state of mind. It is about giving yourself to do what you need to do to feel fulfilled and productive in your work. It is about feeling valued and valuing yourself in what you do. That can be a tough one, and it can take lots of trial and error, but it’s most certainly an interesting ride.

Published by Gretchenleewritermn

I am a freelance writer that writes content and copy on various topics. Currently, my main focus is on women's health, mental health issues in women, hormonal health, ADHD, Aging, Nutrition, Holistic Health, and all the places where these topics intersect. I also dabble in poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction.

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